Customer Comments

November 5, 2013
Customers Mark and Linda Williams
Subject: Detail job on our green 300 Sundancer

Detailing Team,
We recently bought our first Sea Ray from PWM, a 2004 300 Sundancer, and had it detailed last week. I was hoping for the best but was concerned about reviving the shine of the green hull. While it was in the service bay my wife and I came down to the marina for lunch and to take a look. As we walked up J-Dock we looked over and could see the Cat's Paw up on blocks and from there you could see a perfect reflection of the step ladder next to the hull. That scene should be in your detailing ad! The boat could not have looked any better when it was in the showroom! I bet you could hold up a newspaper next to the hull and actually read it in the reflection.
The new isinglass and the rest of the boat looked great as well. Now that it is back in the slip we can't wait to use it more.
Our PWM experience could not have gone any better. Great employees and great slip neighbors have been nothing but friendly and fun-oriented!
If you ever need a reference let us know.

Keep up the good work,
Mark & Linda Williams

October 11, 2013
Customers: Liz and Roddy Alexander
Subject: Appreciation of service from your Parts department

Carlton and Doug,
We wanted to share with you our experience this past Saturday afternoon with your Parts department employee Mary Degraw. We were leaving our slip to get gas before a weekend trip on the water to find we had no horn. At the gas dock we called up to parts to see if you had a horn for us in stock and Mary offered to deliver the horn to us. Mary walked from parts to the gas dock only to find we were also having blower issues and without hesitation Mary was back up to parts getting and delivering the blower motor to us. The customer service from your team was so appreciated as we wanted so bad to just get out on the water for the expected wonderful weather predicted for a great boating weekend.

Happy and appreciative PWM customers,
Liz and Roddy

April 30, 2013
Customer: Loren Fleck
Email to Carlton Phillips, Owner of Prince William Marina

Mr. Phillips,
Thank you and your staff at Prince William Marina for assisting me with my recent purchase at your marina.  I bought a small used runabout for my family.  It was truly an exciting and low stress experience as a result of your staff. 
I looked at several boats at different marinas some of which were comparable to the Sea Ray I purchased.  What sold me on your boat, even though it was outside my original budget, was James Ross. He was personable and professional.  He responded to all my inquiries and if he didn't have an immediate answer he would get back to me.  He made my first boat purchase a real experience.  The maintenance class I attended was also a huge incentive and extremely helpful as a first time owner.  The parts staff provided smart advice for my purchases, the mechanic that worked on the boat prior to delivery explained everything he found and corrected, and Brandy walked me through my current insurance line by line comparing it to the policy I switched to with her. 
I had no expectation when I entered your facility based on previous experiences elsewhere.  Everyone I had contact with at PW Marina was helpful, pleasant, and patient.  What a great way to run a business.  Prince William Marina has earned a long term customer, across the board. 

Thank you again,
Loren Fleck

February 28, 2013
Customers: Alan and Diana Gross
Subject: Excellent 44 Zeus Sundancer Buying Experience!

Carlton and Doug,
I wanted to pass along how pleased I am with the overall 44 Sundancer buying experience. It has been absolutely top-notch!
From Jeff in sales, to Brandy in finance, and now to Eric in maintenance, it has been truly wonderful.  It is easy to see why PWM was rated the #1 dealer for the past two years, and why I have now purchased three boats from you all.
Everybody has gone out of their way "to make it right", and I commend you all for that.  I particularly want to highlight how much I appreciate the good job Eric is doing getting the 44 Sundancer ready for delivery.  Eric takes the time to explain everything and is doing a fantastic job fixing the identified issues.  He certainly goes above and beyond to ensure the boat is "Bristol" in every way possible.
You certainly have a great team, which I've come to increasingly appreciate these past seven years.  Thank you for a job well done!

Al and Diana Gross

November 23, 2012
Customers: Dennis and Wendy Drogo
Subject: Email to Carlton Phillips, Owner of PWM

Dear Mr. Phillips:
We want to take this opportunity to share with you some of our experiences with your marina. We completed the attached "Quality Commitment Survey" but it did not provide sufficient room for us to share all that we wanted to say regarding your marina.

In May we decided now that the kids were grown and almost out of college, we wanted to do something that we could enjoy together. Growing up we both enjoyed boating with family and friends but never considered being boat owners ourselves. One day we decided to stop by your marina and explore the possibility of becoming new boat owners. What we experienced at your marina is not what we expected.

The minute we walked through the door everyone we spoke with was courteous, professional, and without exception very helpful.  We were introduced to Jeff Miller, our sales representative. Having worked in Sales for a number of years we were aware of the typical sales process and were expecting the same from Jeff. We were pleasantly surprised when Jeff took the time to get to know us and why we were considering a boat. He provided useful information and helped guide us along in the process instead of pushing us. We never felt pressured or that Jeff was more concerned with making a sale than he was with meeting our needs. Our indecisiveness would have frustrated most sales representatives but Jeff's patience and understanding was exemplary. Ultimately, we decided to buy a 2012 Sea Ray 240 Sundeck. We have owned the boat now for four months and have no regrets. We will be forever grateful for Jeff's patience and guidance in helping us choose the perfect boat. We have visited the marina a number of times after the sale and Jeff still remains a true professional eager to help and is always available for questions.

Brandy Espinosa handled the financial details of our sale and was also a great help. She provided a number of financing options and explained each in great detail.  We ultimately decided to use our credit union to purchase the boat because they provided loan insurance, something not available through your prearranged lenders. Brandy took the time to work with our credit union and was able to help expedite the process regardless of the challenges presented by our credit union.

Once our boat was delivered we had the pleasure of meeting Doug Phillips and your Service Department. Our boat had some very minor imperfections that most people would overlook and most service departments would ignore, but not your staff. Once our concerns were noted, Doug went to painstaking lengths to ensure we were happy. His personal attention to detail is not often experienced in the Service world and is commendable. Not once did he make us feel like we were being too picky but instead took the time to explain the process and our options and worked with us constantly until the issues were resolved. In addition to the first-rate service provided, Doug also offered a "Maintenance Training Class". While we consider ourselves mechanically inclined, his free class provided a wealth of information for us and others regardless of our level of proficiency. That hour-plus that we spent in class provided information that we have used on a number of occasions. We trust Doug and his staff to always provide us with the best service in the area. As a side-note, we keep our boat at Hope Springs Marina in Stafford for convenience reasons, (we live 10 minutes away and there is never traffic getting there) but we continue to have your marina maintain our boat to include routine maintenance and winterization.

We would be negligent if we didn't mention the guys on the docks. We kept our boat at your marina for about a month while we waited for a few parts to come in and be installed. While we were there we made several outings and the guys at the dock Corey, Corey, and Travis were great. Everyone was very helpful, personable, and always treated us as if we were their only customers. Now that we are down in Stafford we really miss the friendship and customer service they provided.

All-in-all I have to say our experience with Prince William Marina was exceptional. Each and every one of your staff members was terrific and it clearly shows why you are a top-rated dealer. They say how well a business runs is a reflection of its leadership and while we haven't met you personally there is no doubt your staff is clearly a reflection of you and your values. We look forward to a long relationship with Prince William Marina. We have no doubt that in a few years when we outgrow our new boat or when we just want something new, we only need to visit one marina and that is yours. Thank you for a great boat and a great experience.

Dennis and Wendy Drogo
Happy Owners of a 2012 Sea Ray 240 Sundeck

August 2, 2012
Subject: Customer/Sales Associate Correspondence

Dear Dave,
Thank you very much for helping my family realize our dream of boat ownership! Your team including your Finance, service and Detail staff, was exceptional from the start. The service and guidance you gave us was truly outstanding. We'll always be thankful for your help with boat selection, upgrades, detailing and most importantly, the on-the-water training to pilot our new Sea Ray 280 Sundancer with confidence from the start. We look forward to our next purchase from you. In the meantime, best wishes to you and the best Marine Sales team in the nation!

The Markussen Family

April 21, 2012
Customer: John Bronson
Subject: Email to Sales Associate

I just sent in the Sea Ray survey.  All extremely satisfied ratings!  I also conveyed that I have never dealt with a more professional staff whose owners, salesmen, processors and service staff were all exceptionally committed to customer satisfaction.  You're the best and made my entire boat purchasing experience fun and educational.  You went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with every phase of the purchase and delivery.

John Bronson

February 29, 2012
Customer: Thomas Payne
Subject: Customer Service Survey Response

This was beyond a doubt the best buying experience we have ever had. Dave Strickland was informative, welcoming, and knowledgeable without being pushy. We started looking at boats a year before we bought. Dave kept us informed about events, invited us to take a free class, but never bothered us with phone calls. They well understand that this is a big decision, and want their customers to be happy, sure, and satisfied. Once we made a decision, every effort was made to make the process easy and painless. We have been treated like family by everyone at Prince William Marina, from receptionists to mechanics. Everyone seems to know who we are and they are attentive to the details of our particular boat. What strikes me most, is that that feeling continues after the purchase; it is not "ok we got your money now it doesn't matter." Carlton, is genuinely concerned about his customers. We can't wait to get on the water!

July 19, 2011
Customer: Sam and Pam Lowe
Subject: Thank You

I hope you will pass this on to Carlton, Doug, and Eric. Sam and I left early Friday morning for the Float-In at Coles Point. We got as far as Sea Ray Bay and noticed that we had a blinking Axius light so we pulled into the bay to restart the engine. The light eventually stopped blinking but we no longer had our navigation system. We decided to head back to PWM to see what could be done. Eric, our regular technician, was waiting for us at the gas dock. He could not find any reason for the system not to be working. He made a call back to his shop to see if there was a spare system so ours could be swapped out. Doug Phillips searched and found one and drove it down to our boat. Eric was able to quickly replace the unit and send us on our way. We were only delayed an hour and a half which included two "no wake zones" trips.

Sam and I would like to thank PWM and especially Eric for the quick action they took to allow us to go on our long awaited trip. Doug Phillips should also be commended for searching diligently to find us the replacement part and get it to the dock quickly. PWM certainly deserves all of the praise it has received over the years. Thanks again to PWM, Eric and Doug.

June 18, 2011
Customer: Jason Podzemny

They were very customer oriented. The entire staff worked as a team to answer my questions and they supported me from purchase to launch to winterization. The company makes you feel like part of the family rather than simply a customer.

June 07, 2011
Customer: Mark Hamilton

From the salesman to the service staff, they all reflect the level of customer focus and service that makes it a pleasure to be at this dealer. As this attitude comes from the top, I would say that Carlton has it exactly right and it shows in every aspect of the dealership. I have no hesitation in recommending Sea Ray boats and Prince William Marine to my friends. Now if I could get my car dealer to meet the same level of excellence.

May 25, 2011
Customer: Jason Brandt

My father started keeping his boat here over 25 years ago. I bought a Boston Whaler from them back in 2000. It was the first boat I decided to keep in a slip versus on a trailer. I have always respected the way they treated my father and myself over the years so I decided to keep the tradition going. I now have a Sea Ray and will probably keep my boat there as long as I own it.

May 14, 2011
Customer: Christina Pickell

They offered the best customer service at all levels of the organization and made me feel like I was just as important as the person buying a cruiser or yacht.

May 07, 2011
Customer: Robert Love

I have been very happy with the service I have received from Prince William Marine. I have been especially impressed with the Mobile Service Tech that has been assigned to work on my boat. Mr. Ryan Filipovich has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that my boat is well cared for.

May 05, 2011
Customer: Heather Pederson

We are new boaters. Jeff Miller (salesman) and the Prince William Marina team really provided all the help needed for us to feel confident about our decision to buy a boat and then they were there after the sale to support us all the way. Its been a great experience. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

May 04, 2011
Customer: Francis Hodge

The purchase process was the most stress-free purchase I have made. The salesman, James Ross, provided information on the boat and options. He also worked to get us a boat at the price we could afford.

I have recommended both him and Prince William Marine Sales to several of my friends. All members of the PWM staff are friendly, well informed, and work hard to make sure all questions are answered satisfactorily.

April 11, 2011
Customer: William Hess
Subject: Email to Carlton Phillips

Mr. Phillips,
I would be disrespectful if I did not send an e mail to you about my recent experiences at your business. From the very first phone call that I made to Prince William Marina I was impressed with the professionalism. I eventually came in and you personally took the time to sit down with me and discuss my desired purchase. We ran some numbers on my trade in and they were ok but not great. Again, you personally took your time to come evaluate my trade in and offered me more than the original offered price. On more than one occasion Diego shuttled my family and I to look at boats, his patience was amazing. This exquisite customer service prompted me to purchase not only a boat but also a Harley Davidson. Due to the busy weekend with the boat show I was unable to meet my Salesmen (Jed) However, he still maintained constant contact with me over the phone.

The delivery of my bike was great, you got the tires I wanted and any repairs done to the bike to ensure it was completely safe, as well as ordering a new set of keys. Greatly appreciated.

Brandy in the Finance department went out of her way to assist me with any paperwork and was nothing less than professional and personable, answering any and all of my questions an doing follow up phone calls to see if there were any issues. I really appreciated her concern and attention to detail with all of the paperwork. In my opinion she is a true asset to you company.

I settled on a boat and finally met Jed he took my kids and I on a sea trial and a trial of his patience, but he was very understanding and professional the whole time as they bounced around all over the boat as kids do.

Jed sent me an e-mail to invite me to the boat show that you hosted. My wife and I attended, where we had the pleasure of meeting Mary. She instantly introduced herself and gave me her card and informed me that she was the person to come see if I needed any parts and accessories. Great personality, very nice and a true pleasure to meet. As a result of her attitude and customer service, I ordered a tube and plan to return for future purchases.

Every time that I have come to the showroom I have been greeted by the most friendly and professional staff I have ever encountered. On Friday we took delivery of our boat, Jed took the time to walk me around and personally introduce me to the entire team. I found this to be truly beneficial and could instantly see that every one of the Prince William Marina Family Members were excited to be apart of such a great team and truly took pride in what they do. In my opinion this was truly amazing.

While Jed and I enjoyed pure rain on Friday, he still completed the walk through with a smile and sheer enthusiasm. We took delivery of our boat and prepared to put it in the water, Sunday was the day. Three hours later I found myself Calling Jed to let him know our boat broke due to us hitting something in the water. Why I called him I still don't know, however he walked me through all the possible issues and we determined that I was not moving. Being new to a boat of this size Jed walked me through the Towing procedures and who to call. We got rescued about 4 hours later, and again going above and beyond Jed was standing on the dock to guide us in and sent the boat in for repair. He then took me and a friend back to Pohick Bay in his personal vehicle all while he was no longer working in order to retrieve our vehicles. You cannot put a price on this type of customer service.

Your Patriotism, care for the customer and great environment make me proud to know I purchased my Bike and Boat from such an amazing dealer and I look forward to many more visits to your facility. I cannot thank you and the entire staff enough for all the things you have done for us and will do for your future customers.

April 16, 2011
Customer: James W. Dunkelberger
Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Carlton:
I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled my wife Catherine and I am over the tremendous effort your son and exceptional Service Manager Doug put into making us "the happiest and most thankful Sea Ray owners in the entire United States." It is truly indicative of the "care for every customer and every detail" culture you have developed all throughout Prince William Marina.

Upon hearing from your old and good friend Chip Whittington that he discovered some apparent manufacturing defects in our boat, Doug sought us out to try and make sure the 240 Sundeck we bought six years earlier was all that we expected it to be in terms of quality. If not, he wanted to see what he could do to make it so. As you know there were defects (cracks) in the gelcoat of the upper deck and they were pervasive. I was not happy about them, but I thought they were caused by my regular trailering of the boat and not a result of flawed workmanship. Chip recognized them right away, as did Doug after I brought the boat in at his request.

This situation could have easily been ignored by anybody else, but it was not to be the Prince William Marina Way. Doug immediately went to work with your Sea Ray Customer Support Representative, Rob Nye, and they worked Out an arrangement for Sea Ray to take the boat back for "repairs." Doug got right back to me and gave me instructions to prepare the boat for shipping to the Sea Ray Tellico Plant in Tennessee. I was stunned that they wanted to do something about a boat this old and so far beyond end of warranty.

I, of course, was excited at Doug's and Sea Ray's offer to make the boat "right" again. But never in my wildest dreams, however, did I expect what was about to happen. Nor did I know the true power that Prince William Marina, through you and Doug, had in influencing the manufacturers at the time. As you know they re-crafted the entire upper deck of the boat, ran it through the assembly line again and replaced several additional items as well. Having seen the boat and the work that the folks at Sea Ray Tellico completed, I am sure you will agree that it is an extraordinary response on their part. I've attached a letter to Mr. Robert J. Parmentier, President of the Sea Group, to express my deep appreciation for the fine job they did on the boat.

Carlton, as you no doubt know, it's normal to get a little frustrated with those things that degrade over time on your boat (just like your car)and that although you still 'like "your boat, you don't "love" it as you did the first year or two that you had it. The efforts by you, Doug, Chip Whittington, Rob Nye, and the other folks at Prince William Marina and Sea Ray Tellico gave us our "love" for our boat back again.

Please accept and extend our deepest appreciation to Doug and all for the very best in customer care.
Catherine and I will never forget this tremendous gesture and will always point to you, Doug, and Prince
William Marina as the very best in all regards.

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